Writers for the Sozopol Fiction Seminars are selected

One year after its establishment Elizabeth Kostova Foundation will organize its first annual seminar on fiction writing. After a very strong and fierce competition our international evaluation committee has selected 5 Bulgarian and 5 NES writers to take part in the first seminar. We have received 80 applications from 10 countries and we would like to thank all of them. We are please to announce that the successful candidates are:
Danielle Trussoni, U.S.
Dena Popova, BG
Eireene Nealand, U.S.
J. T. Bushnell, U.S.
Katya Atanassova, BG
Mariko Nagai, Japan/U.S.
Svetla Damyanovska, BG
Sonya NIkolova, BG
Stoil Roshkev, BG
Travis Holland, U.S.

The seminar programme will include workshops to be taught in English by Elizabeth Kostova and in Bulgarian by Emil Andreev (THE GLASS RIVER, The Vick Award winner for 2005). Special lectures will be delivered by Kate Mosse (LABYRINTH) and Theodora Dimova (THE MOTHERS, awarded The Austrian Grand Prize for East European Literature in 2006). The daily programme also features one craft talk with diverse group of interlocutors coming from the book sector. One of the round tables will be with the special participation of the U.S. editor John O’Brien. Series of public readings scheduled for the evenings are designated to create a room for the faculty and the international group of participating writers to read from their work and for the public a rare chance to meet international writers’ community.