Nadezhda Radulova on the Art of Translation

When did you start translating?
I’ve been seriously engaged with literary translation since 2003.

What was the first literary work you translated?
An excerpt from Tony Morrison’s novel Beloved (published in “Literaturen Vestnik” (Literary Newspaper) during the 90es).

What are the most common difficulties in your work as a translator?
The fact that I am not always in the position to choose the authors for translation. For me it is boring and hard to translate a text, which I don’t like. Such a task, however, has a disciplining effect.

What makes a good translation?
A literary translation is good, when we forget that we are reading a translation.

What were your greatest challenges with the translation (s) which won the award (The Human Stain by Philip Roth and Firmin: Adventures of a Metropolitan Lowlife by Sam Savage)?
Consistency of the context, complexity of the intonation, heterogeneous worlds and “languages”, collected in the novel The Human Stainby Philip Roth.

Do you consider yourself as a co-author?

Does translating inspire you to write yourself?
Chronologically speaking, my experience as a poet and a writer precedes my work in the field of translation. In general, every job, which focuses on words, not only provokes me as a “linguistic being”, but always sharpens my sensitivity, therefore has a favourable influence on my writing.