Sozopol Fiction Seminars 2010

We are very pleased to announce the winners of this yearís contest for participation in the foundationís annual fiction writing seminar. The evaluation committees have to select 5 Bulgarian and 5 NES fellows out of 168 applicants coming from 15 countries. We would like to thank all of them for the interest in the seminar, congratulate the successful candidates and encourage the semi-finalists, who were very close to being chosen.

English speaking group:
Carin Clevidence
Charles Conley
Kelly Luce
Paul Vidich
Zdravka Evtimova

Bulgarian group:

Galin Nikiforov
Ivan Dimitrov
Krassimir Damianov
Nikolai Boikov
Zahary Karabashliev

English speaking group:
Alta Ifland
Catherine Chiodo
Ian Williams
Jerome Edwards
John Struloeff
Margot Demopoulos
Michael Hinken
Nikita Nelin
Stephanie Soileau

Bulgarian group:
Alexander Chobanov
Atanas Atanassov
Momchil Nikolov
Pavel Gonevski
Rayko Baichev
Vera Ilieva