Winner announcement :: Writers' Contest

The Contest for Contemporary Bulgarian Writers was won by Milen Rouskov.
The outcome of the contest will be a publication of his novel Thrown into Nature in English by Open Letter Books in 2011 and introduction of the book for acquisition on Canongate's list. Ruskov is author of Pocket Encyclopaedia of Mysteries (2004), which was awarded the Bulgarian Prize for Debut, and Thrown into Nature (2008), awarded the Bulgarian Novel of the Year Prize. An excerpt from the novel, translated from the Bulgarian by Angela Rodel, can be read here:
His candidature was chosen among 20 other worth applications.

In addition to that, the review panel has selected the following runners up:

1. Emilia Dvoryanova’s „Passion, or the Death of Alice” translated by Lubomir Terziev;
2. Krassimir Damianov‘s „Diary of a Butterfly” translated by Angela Rodel;
3. Kristin Dimitrova‘s „Sabazius” translated by the author;
4. Theodora Dimova’s “Mothers" translated by Francine Giguere;
5. Vergil Nemchev’s “Radio” translated by the author;
6. Vladimir Zarev’s “Worlds” translated by Zlatko Anguelov and Elizabeth Frank;
7. Zdravka Evtimova’s “Thursday” translated by the author.

The runners up will be featured at the
The applications were evaluated by Chad Post of Open Letter Books, U.S. and Francis Bickmore of Canongate, UK.

The pilot phase of this project is implemented with the kind support of America for Bulgaria Foundation, http//