Winner announcement :: Novel Contest 2011

Resulting by this year’s contest for publication of contemporary Bulgarian novel in US, we have received 26 submissions, which were reviewed by Chad Post of Open Letter and Courtney Hodell of Farrar, Straus and Giroux. The assessment panel selected 2 winners and 4 runners up.

Angel Igov's "A Short Tale of Shame"
Zachary Karabashliev's "18% Gray"
The winning novels are translated by Angela Rodel.

Runners up:
Ivan Dimitrov's "Life As a Missing Spoon"
Ivanka Mogilska's "Hideaways"
Vlaidislav Todorov's "Zincograph”
Vessel Tsankov’s “Pixel”

The winning books will be published by Open Letter Books. The four shortlisted excerpts will be featured shortly on the Three Percent blog and on the Contemporary Bulgarian Writers website.

We are proud to inform you that the winning novel of the inaugural novel contest, which took place in 2010 -- “Thrown into Nature” has just been published! To read an excerpt or buy the book, please click here.