Фондация „Елизабет Костова“

Spring Creative Writing Camp with Delaney Nolan, April 10-14, 2017


"If I waited for perfection, I would never write a word."
--Margaret Atwood
              In this workshop, we will read and write fiction, with a particular eye to magical realism. "Magical realism" means stories set in a normal world with one element that is just a little strange. Maybe petals fall from the sky. Maybe the oceans have all turned into milk. Maybe your deceased grandmother follows you around, asking you about math equations. We’ll find out together.
              We will read and discuss a range of stories that look at the weird, the strange, the impossible, and the hopeful. In the process we will discover the tools that help us to write stories of our own. We will learn about all those fuzzy terms you use to talk about a story: plot, characterization, voice, dialogue, sentence construction, and more.
              Students will be encouraged to pick favorite stories. Students will be encouraged to dislike stories. Students will be encouraged to make recommendations, and to have opinions generally, as this is a good time to discover what you like to read and why.
              In addition to reading and discussion, students will be writing and sharing stories of their own. The group will read and re-read them carefully, and will discuss the stories, providing feedback in order to improve our skills as writers.
              Be ready to think sideways.
Delaney Nolan, Instructor
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